Home again

At last my mini has returned home and is looking as she should, beautiful. The problems have all been down to the inabilities of other who have let me and their companies down. The final outcome is that the mini now looks better than she ever did in 90% of the car.

Who would have thought you could miss something like a car, but socially she is my being with me meeting people from all forms of life in the local area, all of whom have the same love in their lives, a mini.

We travel all over Hampshire and further still time and weather permitting. We go to shows all over the country, and I just go out, anywhere when I can. I love to look at old castles, look at their history etc.

This has been missing for weeks, yes I have had surgery and my time travelling around would have been limited, but that is not the point. You hear people saying British industry is going down the pan, and I used to stand their and argue the case for British industry. But alas after this solid affair I feel those days could be long gone.

But it is now past, the car is running, compensation is on its way and driving may once again take hold of me, I can once again make posts on the website that no one else reads, but I do it all with a smile.