Trailer is now booked in for its makeover with C&S Coachworks in Passfield, Hampshire. I had considered getting another quote as the work required is going to cost about £1000-, but they did such a good job of the mini I want to stick with them.

The aim is to have a roof (which I have already procured) extended through a bit of fabrication, and fitted to the trailer to protect it from the elements. It has a wooden cover on it currently with a load of strobe lights, something I am not really a fan of, which will be removed.

The trailer is by the end of the work going to mirror the rear of the actual car in all aspects, though I am still having trouble locating the Mayfair badge with the reef surrounding it – that may need to be changed on the trailer with basic Mayfair stickers?

I had thought about seeking a sponsor also, having the companies names put on the trailer, any takers? I just thought the fact that we go everywhere in her work benefit someone in advertising and would help us out also. Uhhmmmmm maybe not though??

I still a couple of other jobs I want doing to the car, but they can now take a back seat until the tailer is done as I want the trailer ready for the Ireland trip.