Mr Putin

All these war mongers in the world today especially Mr. Putin seem set on destruction! First the goings on in the Ukraine, those poor people that live in what was a beautiful country now fear for their lives as these idiots continue to fight and destroy everything including the lives of those in their path.

Then there are these flights where Putin sends his bombers (Bear) over UK airspace testing the water to see the reaction of the UK and other european nations! WHY?? Does this mad Soviet style leader intend to escalate what is already lunacy? Does he think the UK and the rest of Europe and NATO will continue to sit back and allow his ground grabbing campaign to continue?

Then there is the most ridiculous issue the continued reduction in UK and european forces. We watch as this mad lunatic invades the Ukraine, well we couldn’t really do anything there could we, more of an internal struggle. But he obviously has plans to do more, grab further lands back that  Russia lost when the former USSR fell.

The leaders of the countries within NATO need to stop all these cut backs in defence and start rebuilding the damage they have done to the defence of their nation. We now have a smaller army than pre World War 2 Britain and if anything was to happen we would simply struggle to do anything. Yes we have a Nuclear capability  but no is seriously going to use them – are they??

People need to start sitting down and growing up like adults these fights are not school yard feuds, people are dying, grow some balls and start speaking to one and other.