Rain rain go away come back another day

It’s this weather that worries me when it comes to the mini, I keep looking outside at the dark clouds and the pouring rain. Previously the car let in gallons of rain water when the rain was exceptionally heavy. Saying that I have had the windscreen replaced as well as the rear passenger window seals.

The damage caused last time saw the carpets get soaking wet, as well as the underlay causing it to smell something awful, I had to remove them and get them professionally cleaned and dried. They did smell great last time once refitted, but now after the Autoglass incident and them being totally soaked and destroyed they had to be replaced and I prey that it doesn’t happen again.

I have taken further steps mind, a cover made to fit snuggly over her when its autumn / winter or just awful weather (rather often in the United Kingdom sadly). Luckily today she is in the garage awaiting repairs to the exhaust but I do prey for the spring and summer months to come.