Lancashire here I come

I have been so damn bored since I have returned home after my knee surgery I have decided to take the Mini on another long run. The reason for the drive is two fold really, to get up North in preparation for a course I have been invited to attend in Manchester on Thursday and visit some old army buddies in the process.

The drive to Blackpool from Portsmouth is going to take about 5 to 5 1/2 hours (although sat nav says 41/2, not in a Mini unless you want to blow the engine. So I intend to leave Portsmouth about 9am and head north up the M27, M3, A34, M40, M5 and M6 and I hope to be there about 3pm traffic jams, roadworks and whatever else permitting. I am staying with my good friend Peter Ashton-Yamnikar (Yammy) whilst there, he has also just had some knee surgery so I want to check he is OK.

The whole idea of the mini is to travel the UK in her have snaps at well know attraction like the Blackpool Tower, Bloomfield Road (Blackpool FC) and of course the sea front. Preston is the Home HQ of my former Regiment the 14th/20th King’s Hussars so I have to find Fulwood Barracks and then there is Manchester, my place of birth (Bradbury, Stockport) my friend Andy Prunty who is giving me a place to lay my head and then course of course, the main reason for this trip.

The car is yet to be returned to me although I have just called in and I have been assured it will be ready later on today! The main issue with it is that the previous owner has yet again done another bodge job. He has fitted an exhaust to the car that is not a Mini Mayfair exhaust and to fit it he has had to weld it some brackets, well like the rest of his work it wasn’t done particularly well, it gave way after hitting those Alligator teeth on entry to Lakeside Harbour and fell off about 5 miles later.

Anyway, all systems go, I just have to pack, collect the Mini and go……


Just to update the blog she is home 🙂