Well I am here, long 5 hour drive but to be fair it went really well. I stopped off at the Britannia Stadium (Stoke) for my lunch and my usual photo opportunity. Now with my old army friend Yammy and about to watch the Man City game, so a short blog.

The Mini drove like a dream no real issues at all this time, nice 70mph speed and really comfortable, great drive and great day. The screen wash I bought from Halford’s was a purple colour it is pre mixed to -20c I think? Anyway when you use the screen wash it has left the purple dye all over the sides of the car lol, need to get it wash tomorrow I guess.

Doing so I decided I needed another thread, Football Stadiums, so now I am not only travelling the country I am trying to picture the Mini at as many stadiums that I can around the country, should be fun. I have already been to a lot of grounds, but not many in the Mini, I will create those pages I have been to with the Mini as a start point, see where it takes us.

Sweet dreams!