Tour of Blackpool

Good morning readers (as few of you as there are) 🙂

Whilst I am here I have to drive around and do the tourism thing, don’t I? Well I have been here many times mainly in April/May as the regiments Noah’s ARC reunion is held here annually. I also call in to see some old friends and catch up with them, so we could say I sort of know the place!

Saying that I am meeting Yammy in 30 minutes time from now who is my tour guide and probably photographer for the day as we will be going to Bloomfield Road, The Blackpool Tower and other touristy places during this fine day.

The good news is that the awful winds that were here yesterday tired themselves out and have gone elsewhere for now leaving what looks to be a very nice pleasant day! Not too warm but then the coats I brought along would have gone to waste.

So time to get ready and hit the road, be safe!