Serious stuff

I have to take a break from the red mini stuff now as the BSM conference which I am here in Manchester for is about to get underway. Having travelled around Blackpool, Preston and Barton yesterday (posts yet to be added to the site as I have had no internet access) I travelled to Manchester about 5.30 this morning arriving here at about 8.30, quick coffee and breakfast and I’ve now introduced myself and await the call.

The rain was horrendous on the way here and I am happy to report a dry interior within the Mini up to now. I have been worried that the first heavy rain I hit would ruin the interior of the car, new carpets and all, but that has not been the case, very happy

I have had problems with the wiper blades, stopping whilst on, but again that did not happen this morning so everything is going well.

So as this place continues to fill up with potential BSM instructors, well you know they’re going to offer their franchise don’t you, they continue to meet there pals that are also local to Manchester. Well as I have driven from Portsmouth for this I know absolutely no one, so iPad down and hand shaking time.

Be safe!!!