Back in Portsmouth

I drove back to Portsmouth from Blackpool / Manchester on Thursday and what an awful drive back it was, the M6 was simply heaving with traffic so I opted to use the M6 Toll. I then joined the M42 well that was just as bad, made me feel like I had just wasted £5.50 on the toll road. The roads in the UK are awful, if its not Congestion its Pot Holes or water lying on poorly constructed and unmaintained roads. Why do we pay road tax again? Probably covers the wages we pay the MP’s or the social paid out??

But Bess (the Mini) drove like a dream, by the time we got home she was just covered in dirt and grime so I got the local Afghan carwash to clean her, they do an amazing job on the car and as much as I disagree with the immigration policy in this country, you know the one “come in the door is always open” I will continue to use them as long as they are there.

Am I allowed to express my opinions on immigration? I ask as we don’t really have freedom of speech in the United Kingdom do we? If we say something and it offends someone then you can be prosecuted for saying it, typing it or even thinking it if they catch you, free speech my eye.

Anyway back to why I am writing this, I have to have further surgery on Wednesday on my left knee, stem cell surgery (welcome to the 21st Century). That means no driving for about 8 weeks as I will have a brace on my leg, that is always a killer – no driving :(. So whilst I am having new knees (potentially) Bess is having some repairs done to the paintwork. Some of the paint has popped! Seems the ‘new panels’ have developed rust, don’t ask me how I’ll get all wound up? I paid a fortune to have her repaired, rebuilt and resprayed after the accident and to this day the saga continues! All I want is a car that looks great, drives well and makes me proud to own (I do by the way).

The trailer (which I blogged as booked in for her facelift) has had to be delayed, things are happening at work and I have decided to do it when I can afford it to be done. I have even considered selling it already, but I just love it and I have always wanted one to match the car. Will I use it? Probably not in a way we all think a trailer should be used as the car is too small and a 998cc engine is just too small to tow something that heavy (when filled up), but it would look good painted to match to body of the car. So financially it would simply be stupid and there is no rush, is there???

I have put some moisture absorbing bags in Bess also, just one day after doing so they seem to be working, no condensation on the inside of the car, amazing really. I ordered two and got sent 4! So Im putting one in all our cars.

Enough for the day, safe driving!

2 thoughts on “Back in Portsmouth

  1. Road tax, hmmm. Ain’t it so we can give money to corrupted MP who build duck moat’s on their numerous properties all paid with expenses.
    Good luck with the knee surgery, while you recover its time to read that Haynes workshop manual yet again.

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