Saying goodbye with a tear in my eye

Well today had to come eventually, with my impending operation on my left knee on Wednesday the 4th March 2015 I thought it a good idea to get that paintwork done, it’s ideal now as I will not be able to drive for weeks. It therefore gives me the piece of mind in knowing see will be secure, looked after and that when summer does come we can go out looking the best she can.

I have to say I do not know how new panels that have only been painted a few months can start to blister, crack and deteriorate so quickly, I mean having a car rebuilt and then repainted is not cheap and you like to think it would last more than a year!

Last time she was in the paintshop was to be totally resprayed

OK, so yes I do use my Mini all the time it is after all a car! I don’t use her as a show car or anything, I find that pointless as much as I also like to be congratulated on how great Bess looks, and I get that all over the country, I have even had offers to part with her, errrrr NO!!

So I showed all the damaged areas which include a crack on the front left, a blister on the rear left by the wheel arch, the door catching on the mainframe and rubbing the paint off and where the scutter panel meets the front right panel, it has cracked the whole way across the join? All these areas were mark with green tape so they’re not forgotten. There is also a hole in the wheel arch? The car had all these panels yet I can see daylight through it??? Puzzling!

I hope this is the last time I have to take her back! It is just fortunate that on this occasion I can do it with no impact on my travelling plans, normally it takes 7 – 10 days and that does have an impact, and the cost is starting to bite me, these pockets are not deep and I can not be expected to pay out all the time, it not fair on family life – think my bank manager might have something to say about it also soon. But this time the cost should be limited as it is under a warranty, well like I said it has only been a year!!

She is in the best place, C&S are good and with a little help from the car gods all will be well.

Thanks for reading, safe driving!