leg in a brace for about 8 weeks

Surgery went welll, the process took about 2 hours but they seem happy with the outcome which gives  me a warm glowy feeling. I do feel ingredibly sick and sore but thats the feeling of being live, some we all like do we not?

Some right selfish bastards here mind! one told me he was a Colonel in the Royal Military Police, he told me that after me having a go at him, his private phone calls were not privateas he shouted down the phone so all could here him refering to the Major or the Colonel. Damn rude prat!! I closed the door on him to silence his screams, he got the hint and it has not happened since.


Then there is the cup in the wheelchair. As consultations are going on he rides in with some bag pipe music blaring! I asked that he turn it off as people were sleeping post op and the consultants were speaking to patients prior to their operations, o I also mentioned common decency. He explained he does it daily and no one complains, to that everyone said it was awful and also asked that he turns it down. Good grief he started threatening and swearing, so I just Sid get out. He later returned and apologised for his behaviour and outburst, case closed.

hospital food was rather nice!

I am now in this ward for a total of two days, leaving tomorrow night I think, all being well. Morphined up I feel rather sick and sleepy so I will close now and do more tomorrow.

Drive safe

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