Well that is that over with, my second operation in the last 2 months on my knee. This time I have had to return home with my leg in the brace you see in the above picture for the next 6 – 8 weeks. The brace is locked straight for the first 4 weeks with me being allowed to unlock in from 7 days time to start moving it through 45 degrees.

This process will allow the now planted stem cells to take root and grow into replacement cartilage of one kind or another! I had it explained to me that the knee is actually worse that what the scan showed so they did more ‘planting’ than planned. Maybe this pain will now go away?

The issue now it that the leg is numb, presumably because it has been cut open over the knee surface? It’s not a pleasant feeling that is for sure, but I hope it soon returns to normal.

I have to say that the RNOH in Stanmore are fantastic, their care for patients is outstanding and the surgeons and doctors are well ahead of their time. I was told this operation was / is experimental and I was basically a guinea pig, but there were plenty of us, i had one either side of me for starters. Just hope it goes to plan.

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