18 is the number

So today I went into the Hanway Practice to have the knee cleaned and freshly bandaged, the nurse was excellent and actually rather witty. Had my wife with me, she is not too good around surgical stuff, cuts, blood and other nasties.

I have to say the Hanway Practice on London Road here in Portsmouth are outstanding! The NHS are constantly battered in the UK and although there are some serious failings in the system we are not so quick when it comes to congratulating the NHS when it gets it right as we (especially the press) are at slagging it off. Dr Lookit is my GP and he has to be the best Doctor I have ever had, outstanding!

Anyway, I was given better advice and painkillers so now I feel so much better and even relaxed, the staples, all 18 of them, as you can see above are doing their job in holding me together, no sign of infection or other unwanted surprises. The pain I was suffering from 5am this morning was at times unbearable, so I got up washed and had a right good whinge, my wife is tearing her hair out.

The brace is there to stop the leg bending until next week when I start physiotherapy in QA Hospital then once completed it has to be locked again for upto four weeks.

I love being clean showers are sometimes taken twice a day, but I have to just wash for upto two weeks, for me that’s a tough call. But I’m sure I’ll get clean with my wife’s help.

RNOH Stanmore

RNOH Stanmore

It’s now just keeping myself stimulated as I get bored very quickly, so I fear you guys could be reading about this for a while to come…. Sorry.

Thanks for reading! Drive safe 😀

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