Recovery process

A beautiful Wednesday morning to you all.

The process of recovery goes on with the removal of that big uncomfortable bandage that kept running up my leg and gathering in a mass under the brace causing it to compress and cause me all sorts of discomfort! (The image above is the nurse and I having a chuckle during the cleaning of the leg) Saying that last night was the worst night for me by a long way. I even had two tramadol painkillers which are supposed to make me drowsy and sleep, nothing, I was just unable to fall asleep and the brace is hurting in places at times.

Nice and clean and recovering well though still very swollen and hot.

Saying that as you can see from the photograph the knee is healing well, yes it is swollen and hot as hell but no infection and it is just going to get better every day!

I was signed off work until the end of April as there is simply no way I will be able to climb up or on a tank of any kind for a long time to come. The chances of falling whilst I try however are probably very high, and I doubt my workplace would allow me to even try to be fair to them!

So I have to keep myself busy or i will be climbing walls and chewing toe nails as I have run out on my fingers. I have a model of a Challenger 2 I need to finish, the websites need work, I am now a committee member of one of the Clubs I am in, I have things I can do for my driving School, so I should be OK.

The days though are going by so fast, you would thing it would all slow down but no, I keep so busy that the days are gone before they start. I can not believe my operation was a week ago already, that my first operation was on the 5th January thats 9 weeks or so ago.

The mini is still in C&S Coachworks, no word of it so far which probably means they have not touched it, but I did say no rush! Well there isn’t, I am not going to be able to drive for another 6-8 weeks, o my how I miss driving!

We have a holiday booked for Spain in 5 weeks time, I have been advised not to fly so I have decided to stay at home, my wife and stepdaughter are going to go and rightly so, but Deep Vain Thrombosis is something I do not really want to experience, so a wise choice in my opinion.

Anyway, I have a visit shortly and I best get ready, thank you for for reading.

Drive safely!!

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