The finer things in life

It was only 7 AM but the day started off magnificently with the more finer things in life becoming more gratifying than normal. We take our ablutions for granted when we can have them whenever we want however when we are unable to due to circumstances that are beyond our control we find them more gratifying then we would think possible.

So this morning I was able to remove my brace and dressings replace the brace with a different kind that enabled me to take the shower ensuring that my leg remind straight throughout the most beautiful shower I think I have ever had. During my days in the army there were many occasions where I would have to go without a shower for very long periods of time, those periods were however expected and as they were I sort of got on with it.

This however was unforeseen (sort of) although expected once surgery had taken place. Because I have been unable to bend my leg and my leg being in a brace, meant I have been unable to take a shower that is until today. I wasn’t able to stay in there too long but I assure you it was beautiful all the same and most appreciated.

So the joy of the day ended and we made our way to the surgery once again on London Road here in Portsmouth, bless them they must be sick of the sight of me! But I do enjoy it! The nurse removes all the dressings, cleans it and then rubs in this moisturiser, o my all that dryness just goes away! And the massage is very calming.

so what exactly is it?

She also called the doctor in as the pains in my feet are getting worse. I suffer from Reynard’s Disease which affects the extremities of the body hands, feet mainly. If you don’t mind I’d like to use this opportunity to quickly explain it as I know it, with some pictures I have taken off the web. It’s like I have frostbite, the pain can be excruciating and there is simply nothing that can be done to reduce that pain and the symptoms, I was told today to try dipping my feet in warm water to reduce the symptoms.

I have some of these symptoms but thankfully not many

There are tablets that can be given but a: apparently they’re only given in extream cases and the benefits are limited b: I don’t take the painkillers I’ve already got so would I even bother? On reading up on the problem it does say caused by working in cold conditions (that would be on the tanks then) and that in most cases it eventually goes away once the damaged nerves recover! O god I hope so, this is a killer. I was told the fact that I have had knee surgery would have damaged the nerves further than what I had previously so it’s not likely to get any better quickly after this operation!

Some treatments for Raynaud’s Disease.

I start physiotherapy on Monday so I start moving the knee, no more than 45 degrees initially, but the movement alone should see heat generated and hopefully reduce the pain in my feet.

To avoid getting it don’t be standing or holding anything cold for too long, keep the body warm and hydrated, just look after yourself.

Thank you for reading!

Enjoy your day and safe driving.

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