Today at 2.30pm I have to head to the Queen Alexandra Hospital here in Portsmouth for my first session of Physiotherapy since the operation. The brace will be adjusted to allow the knee to move but no more that 45 degrees, I can feel the pain already and I am dreading it.

The velcro on the brace is also weakening and I am constantly having to re-adjust the brace as it slips down the leg, more of a problem when I am in bed really but its just another thing to get niggly about and I think I have just about enough of those (ask my wife).

This weekend has been rather bad to be fair, the pain from the knee is at times horrendous and it has been clicking, loudly. Overtime it clicks it makes me jump and then I feel it, o my.

The appointment

Well it went well, I had to bend the knee as I said and my fears of it cracking were of course nonsense, I couldn’t go the full 45 degrees but I did ok.

So what went wrong? The brace has been misfitted for the past two weeks, no wonder it was so uncomfortable. It has not been supporting my leg in the way it was designed to, and that’s down to it being just put on, taken out of its pack and put around my leg, it was not adjusted to fit me personally. The physiotherapist was so patient, so good and managed to fit it really well it will never be truly comfortable but it is now bearable. She did say this one is now broken and needs replacing, and that’s purely down to it not being fitted correctly, all the velcro is worn out and unable to hold it once adjusted. They are going to try and get me a replacement and I’ll be called in to have the new one fitted if the do manage to get hold of one!

I had to get a taxi home, I must have seen him drive around three times as I stood there by the physiotherapy department waving my crutches, he did not have a clue were to go, Bulgarian! All the way home we talked about immigrants, I thought this is ironic, but he does have a dislike for certain types shall we say!

bending the leg is excruciating

So when I got home I started to do the stretching, bending of the knee as directed by the physiotherapist. It’s very limited, three bends three times a day, OMG it is so damn painful. It actually feels like it’s pulling on my stomach from my knee. I’m determined to get fully mobile again and soon, I am tearing my hair out!

Anyway enough I hear you cry, stay well, drive safely!

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