Removal service

Firstly it is my Sons 21st birthday today

Happy Birthday Robin, he wanted to wear his massive badge out so all we have here is the card which you can see on the table.

So today Wednesday 18th March 2015 is my sons 21st birthday, flipping heck where did all that time go? He has grown up to be an all right guy, has his issues but then who of us doesn’t? Very proud of him!! Happy Birthday Robin!! Tonight we are taking him and some of his friends (if he wants them to tag along) out for a meal. We purchased a birthday cake for him and a few gifts again nothing grand as I replaced his mobile phone (which he dropped and smashed yesterday) on his request. But now he has found his way in life and enjoys the work he is doing he should be just fine!

Removal service


My son took this when we were in the waiting room.

It is also the day they take these staples out of my knee, thankfully! They occasionally get caught in the brace and you can feel them being pulled out, not a nice experience. They took one out last week and I never felt a thing, but then my knee was still partially numb, that numbness has long since gone so I could be feeling those staples as they are being pulled out one by one.

All done

Never felt a thing really, yes there is a slight nip as they are extracted but no pain. Easy, all done in about 5 minutes, going to miss those massages mind.

So what now? Well I have to continue doing the physiotherapy as directed on Monday to get the knee moving again in readiness for the hydrotherapy then the eventual return to driving and work. It is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, I can feel everything stretching as I bend it even to the limit I am allowed to.

Short video

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