Physiotherapy – 2nd appointment.

Returned to the Physiotherapy department today to have the mobility checked out and it seems to be going well. They have increased the degree of movement from 45 degrees to 90 degrees so we can hopefully remove the brace in the coming weeks.

They also agreed that this brace is well and truly past its best but the physiotherapy department in Portsmouth are unable to replace the brace, so I have to call RNOH in Stanmore to see if they can send me one? Now that I doubt, but I have to ask.

Call made

What do I know, they are going to try and send out a replacement brace today apparently they should last longer that the three weeks I have had it on, but it hasn’t. She was a bit snotty really, but it doesn’t matter so long as the brace gets here and the leg is restrained correctly.

3 thoughts on “Physiotherapy – 2nd appointment.

  1. It does seem like a long time but it will fly, even if each session may seem like they last forever and when you do start to see and feel the changes and improvements, it’ll make it all worthwhile. Just don’t quite the rehab and do the exercises. I know it gets monotonous and frustrating but its all worth it in the end.


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