On Saturday last week I watched a program on BBC called Click, love it, I watch it most weeks if I can. On the show last week they did a spot on the latest social media app called #Meerkat.

The app allows you to do two things

  • Broadcast live: I haven’t done it, I may do at some time when travelling in the mini (never say never) but with this brace still on it is not going to be anytime soon.
  • Watch broadcasts:  So there are people out there who find it fun to walk around for hours upon end, until their battery dies, walking around their city, town with their mobile phone in hand showing others where abouts they live. I have watched a couple in Los Angeles at a festival, one of them walking around Hollywood showing all the places where the movies we enjoy to watch are filmed. Some just broadcasting where they think platform is going to go, make money maybe. In a lot of cases very interesting in others you look and leave. Castings for a commercial, pizzas being made, how to make cookies, cocktails and many more.

So why blog about this? Well, with clubs like ‘Midweek Minis’ to name one it might be an idea to try it out? It would certainly do no harm, indeed it could promote the club and increase the numbers of those that attend the rideouts. Those guys that are doing the drive around the USA would also gain valuable publicity for their cause and potentially increase the amount of money they raise for their chosen charity.

All you need is a Twitter account and the Meerkat app on your iPad or iPhone (it is yet to be released on android I believe – coming soon), and someone who isn’t shy and has something interesting to broadcast.

Get to know people around the world from the general public, even your favourite film star, singers all kinds of celebrities. See you on the Meerkatside! 

Give is a go guys: 

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