Are things about to get better? 

At long last the time has come for the brace to be removed, tomorrow Wednesday, 22 April 2015 I travel to the National Orthopaedic Hospital at Bolsover Street in London to see the specialist in regard to having the brace removed and commencing my rehabilitation.

This brace has been the absolute pain of my life for the past 8 weeks with the Velcro unable to support the brace itself and the brace lowering itself down my leg due to the Velcro’s inability to support the brace.

The gentleman at the hospital who fitted the brace did not do so correctly and therefore the discomfort until it was done properly by my physiotherapist was horrendous. I reported the problems with the brace and was promised a new one would be sent to me some weeks ago, that never materialised. I did receive a phone call from the National orthopaedic hospital in Stanmore on Friday last week saying that they were about to dispatch one, a pointless waste of money with the brakes being removed so soon after the new one arriving! They cancelled the new one!

Anyway, hopefully after tomorrow after all the scans of been done all the checks have been carried out the brakes will be removed and toss to one side burnt in some skip never to be seen or used to gain at least by me.

Knee just after surgery

The exercises I was given by the physiotherapist some weeks ago have improved the mobility of my leg however the clicking under the kneecap is extremely painful, I presume this is just part of the recovery process? I do still find it extremely painful and hard to push the leg forward to pulling on the lead back is the easy part although that too does have its discomfort!

So tomorrow were to take the train to Victoria station the underground to Bolsover Street a trip I’m sure you can all see the problems with wearing a brace and walking on crutches but I do look forward to it with the potential outcome as already discussed.

On a positive note, my redundancy from Babcock is to take place towards the end of September 2015. I have therefore made use of these months spent idle recovering. As I told you before I attended a course with the BSM driving school Academy in Manchester brushing up my driver trainer skills. I have now purchased a new style mini (BMW) to improve the look of my driving school and the pleasure of the driving experience for the learner drivers who attend my school.

The new Driving School Car

Delivery of the new car takes place next Wednesday, 29 April and a he-man engineer is going to fit the dual controls to the new car on Friday the 1st of May 2015. Once that has been completed I will be able to use the new car for driving lessons, very happy!

The weekend past saw our boiler in the house breakdown! We had a plumber out today who has given the boiler its last rites and has given us an estimate for fitting a combi boiler in the coming weeks ahead. Thankfully we can use the immersion heater for hot water and the weather is nice enough now for is not to need the use of central heating!

To end with having just read another bloggers page about his past six months, his injury I feel rather fortunate that my discomfort has been limited to what it has. Yes the pain has at times been unbearable but we must always remember that there are people out there that are a lot worse off than what we are and but for the grace of God go I as they say!!

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