Frustrating times

The Mini

Frustratingly the Mini is not going to be home for another week, but she is being done and I would rather her be a month late and done right than get her early and have to take her back again in the future because of more blisters or rust appearing on her and all because of rushing.

The Ford

Yep problem here also! My dad always said to me, a garage has to have work to generate money and when your ‘functioning’ car goes in at the garage faults will always mistiously appear!

Well my ford went in as I wanted it to be serviced before I sold it. I got a phone call telling me the car has a ‘Lazy Alternator’, what a load of nonscense I said and had it returned to me that day!

My son was the driver as I was still unable to drive and we let the car run static for a while, no alternator light – good. So we headed to the BMW (Mini) garage and after 2 minutes the alternator light came on! Switched off and started her again same result. (NOTE: The light does go off on starting and THEN comes on again)

So I return it to the garage they change the alternator and I get another call. ‘The alternator is holding its charge but the light is now NOT going out?? We think the control panel is faulty.

I can say we never had the charge light come on before it went in, sooooo??

OK so my questions:

  1. Was the alternator faulty in the first place?
  1. IF the light was going out before and then coming on WHY is it now NOT going out? Surely someone has made a mistake at the garage and blown something?
  1. Does an alternator hold charge? The alternator generates electicity and the battery holds the charge!
  1. How the hell do I know they have NOT done this at the garage?

Cherished Number plate

What a pain in the arse, I am trying to transfer the plate from my ford to my new Mini (BMW) but I cannot do that until I have received the new car and its V5 registration document. That is going to delay the sale of the Ford until I have been able to change the plates over. That means I have to take out a short time insurance policy to keep the Ford Legally on the road. It is just so frustrating.

Brace Gone!!

We left Portsmouth about 9.30 yesterday morning going via Waterlooville to get our passport renewals witnessed first and then up the A27 to Havant to catch a Southern rain to Victoria station.

Once that two-hour train ride was over we had some lunch and went on the Underground to Bolsover Street where the Hospital is located. Let me tell you, that underground journey has to be one of the worst. I couldn’t find any disability facilities anywhere so I had to use the stairs that everyone uses to get to their platforms, hurt like hell at times.

We booked in at the hospital and sat there waiting for about 15 minutes before we went in to see the surgeon, one of Professor Briggs team. Now I was told I would be having X-rays, scans and other checks done on my legs so we booked a train home for 7.30pm but the surgeon spent no more that 4-5 minutes with me, didn’t even look at the leg telling me what I had already had explained to me during my stay at Stanmore Hospital whilst having surgery, waste of time!


So on leaving we had 4 hours to kill, 4 hours until our train back to Portsmouth, well whilst in London it is not like there is nothing to look at is it. I wanted to see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and just walk around so we did.

But we also went for a ride on the London Eye, some fantastic views up that! To be honest I have avoided London all my life, the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a city does nothing for me. But it is the capital of this fine land we live in England and it is something I should visit more before we immigrate to the United States in the near future, so we are going to go back, and soon.

We caught the train back to Portsmouth as planned at 7.30pm arriving home about 9.30pm and god did my leg hurt, all that walking but it was well worth it.

The future

Rehabilitation starts in earnest from next week, I have to get the leg to learn to walk without the brace and then without the crutches and that is going to take a while. I have to return to work the end of May or no pay so I will have to be found another role at work as my days training soldiers to drive main Battle Tanks are truly over.

Redundancy is at the end of September so my Driving School may be my main source of income, stopping it from being a hobby as it is today? I hope not, I want to keep sane and work at the Veolia Recycling plant here in Portsmouth is my goal. It’s not far away and it’s a good job with recycling being the way forward, a job until we leave.

Anyway have a good weekend, drive safely!!

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