Good morning to you all


Yesterday I started physiotherapy properly with the aim of returning to work at the end of May if not sooner, pretty much as soon as I can work without toppling over. The exercises are not too hard, but with the left leg being muscle free at the moment the aim is to bring it back up to some sort of strength enabling me to walk in one way or another in the 4 -5 weeks.


Today at 12 midday I am collecting the new Mini (BMW) which is to be used as the new driving school car! The Ford has been retired and is being sold. I had to transfer over the insurance policy to the new car (paying an excess of £60.00) which left the Ford with no insurance. As I aim to sell it from Friday when the dual control have been removed I had to seek temporary insurance cover, WHAT A SCAM that is!!

I have paid £79 for two weeks cover, thats over half of what I pay normally for the year! I can not take out a full years insurance as I would be penalised for terminating the contract too early. This country is such a rip off!


I have now done two streams and what fun they have been, I have even had a request to go to Castle Combe on a stream, that is being looked into. Its not that I do not want to, indeed I do, its the expense with all these fees I am having to pay out this month with changing cars over.

This weekend or Monday I am planning a stream to Poole in the Mini, the proper mini (this is going to be entertaining – BMW/Mini) I have to go and collect my trailer from Poole and get a quote on having a roof put on it and resprayed, about a £1000- I believe?

Hope you are all well, drive safe!!

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