Dual Controls 

So today at 10:00 hours the contractor from He-Man arrived to fit the dual controls to the Driving School Car. This month has proved to be one of the most expensive months that I can remember since leaving the army back in 2003, but these things have to be done.

With driving lessons now planned to resume from this Sunday the dual controls are a legal obligation and a must in allowing me to teach people to drive and to earn a living from doing so. The engineer has stated that he is unable to pay me for my old Dual Controls in the ford as they are common and potentially old and it cost him £80 to upgrade them, I however disagree in that these have only been fitted for about two years and as I only do it part-time they are still in perfect working order in immaculate condition and can be used once again, so I shall not give up in trying to get something out of him for them.

Yesterday I had three new enquiries reference to driving lessons and I feel it could be down to the school now using the mini (BMW) as it’s chosen vehicle for driving lessons? Most people do agree that it is a really good vehicle to attract new customers to the business.

At some point in the future the DSA will want to carry out a assessment of my standards of tuition so I am hoping to sit down and study has little bit more to improve my knowledge of the lessons taught. However I have only had one person fail in the two 2 years that I have been teaching students to drive, so I must be doing something right?

  • Well the dual controls have been put in and we are now ready to commence training.

Dual Controls – Fitted, we are now ready to go!

  • He purchased the old Dual Controls off me, thank god, what could I do with them? eBay is a right pain!

The Mini

This is getting complicated having two cars called Mini! However in this instance I am talking about the red Mini the classic mini Mayfair. That is today having an MOT test carried out on it which was due on Wednesday last week! It couldn’t be done at that time as it was undergoing repairs to the underneath of the car, and re-spraying parts of the damaged paintwork.

Whilst they were checking the underneath of the Mini it was found the car had three holes that had to be repaired, welded and then protected. I also asked that they repair the right side pocket in the passengers area as the body looked to be coming away from the chassis of the vehicle, it was found that I was correct and the pocket had to be removed to allow welding to take place. That work was completed and I hope the pocket was put back as found?

I also asked that the bonnet be re-sprayed once the Mini badge I had put on  was removed so the bonnet had to be filled rubdown resprayed. There were a couple of other jobs that needed to be done and I received an email yesterday telling me that all of the work has been completed and it was hoped that they would be able to drop the car off at BTE in Bordon so the MOT could be done either today Friday or tomorrow allowing me to pick her up and bring her home at long last once she had passed and was deemed roadworthy on Saturday.

On Monday I hope to take her on a run to Poole in Dorset to make sure that she is running well, having been sat in a garage for a long period of time cannot have done her any good?

So when all today has been a productive and successful day really, I now need to go meet my wife have some lunch and then do some household chores before I relax. I wish you all a very pleasant weekend drive safe!

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