We left home at about 9.00 am to get to Bordon for 10.00 am, the prearranged time set to collect the Mini (BESS) from BTE in Bordon after her MOT.

Now for this that follow me you will know the amount of work done to the car including the installation of a Carburettor at A&J Lawence about December last year. The cost of buying it, having it repaired and upgraded to fit her was enormous and very time consuming, and guess what she failed her MOT because of emissions from her being too high.

They also found some more holes under the boot area, so when I arrived at BTE Chris of C&S Coachworks was driving her away, back to his place to do the welding required. FFS, when will this end? Once the welding is done the car will have to be returned to BTE so they can look at why the emissions are so high and let me know what that is going to cost!

Whats that I hear you say?  Was there anything else??? Yes there was, a ball joint is excessively worn and need to be replaced, talk about gutted.

I was planning on introducing Bess to all my #Meerkat #Meerkatfamily friends on a stream but that had to be canceled, well I couldn’t introduce them / you to something I still did not have in my possession, for so long now!! BUT, god did she look good, sooooooo good. No pictures today, I do not want to spoil the stream!!

Soon be home!!

Drive safely

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