iPhone 6 plus is literally too HOT to handle

Yesterday I was streaming when my iPhone 6 plus suddenly went off and showed a warning ‘TOO HOT’ and shut down whilst in the cradle in the car. Odd I thought, and went to remove it from its cradle to take a look, on going it it my finger got burnt, god damn that was so hot!

Funny thing is I couldn’t hold it and rushed it into my pocket, some other items on my body got a little hot shortly after 😂 

I brought it indoors and left it to rest and it restarted and carried on as if nothing had happened, that is to the exception of my finger which I had to run under the tap as the burn started to sting.

Today I charged her up before I had to go out at 10am for the doctors and then to Bordon for an interview with work. Once the interview  was over I headed home and streamed the event on Meerkat and I noticed the camera had a shimmer effect over the picture so the camera must be damaged? Pretty annoying as these phones are not cheap! 

Since being home I have turned her off and on, safety, but I have to check my messages as this is my business phone. 

So today I spoke to Apple Customer Services in Ireland and this amazing and most helpful lady called Edel, what a great help and such a good laugh. #thankyou. 

Hopefully the phone will be replaced soon and my little white bandage can be removed from my burnt finger. Thank you for reading! #DriveSafe. 


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