Lulworth Castle and Lulworth Cove

Today was bank holiday Monday (May 25th, 2015) and we spent it on the road as we always do touring this beautiful country of ours. Today we travelled to a beautiful part of the country Lulworth in Dorset.

We spent most of the day at Lulworth Castle, a truly beautiful building which was sadly destroyed partially by fire in 1929. It has undergone extensive repairs the 1970’s and was opened to the public about 1988 once the restoration was was completed.

Lulworth Castle

I found it sad that they had not replaced to floors, and they could easily make money by allowing people to sleep over in the turret areas of the castle if they spent money on further restoration works, indeed on of their income sources is to allow weddings at £5000 – £7000 depending on the day of the week you wish to be married. But you can not stay there, thats a lot of money just to be married there! (My opinion)

We then moved to Lulworth Cove, always a place to behold with fantastic colours in the rock formations and the Durdle Door which we got to see from a boat at £6-00 each (Bargain).

The pictures I have added on the website are the ones I like best from the hundreds I took in the day, I will try and add them all to a video later in the coming days.

The Durdle Door at Lulworth Cove

The Pages can be found here:

Lulworth Castle: 

Lulworth Cove:

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