Well it came, sadly I am now redundant and looking for work and it would seem it is going to be a lot tougher than I thought, I mean who wants an old Tank driver on their team lol.

I have applied for a couple of vacancies, my first interview is on Friday and this post excites me somewhat, I am not going to tell anyone what it is as it would spoil the surprise. I have not been on any interviews for a long time having been with Babcock for the last 12+ years why would I need to.

Other news: Well as I said I had the mini trailer in A&J Lawrence for the duration of our holiday in the states. They were asked to provide a quote on it being resprayed to look like the mini itself. Well having been back some 3 weeks or more I have still received nothing from them so I have just decided to sell it. The trailer is currently listed on eBay.

eBay item number: 321864999182

They were also asked to repair some slight damage to the drivers door, that was not done either, business must be booming? Anyway, now I am redundant it will have to wait, and I will ask somewhere else to do it.

This afternoon I am using Meerkat (Streaming App) to show my many followers the Spinnaker Tower here in Portsmouth, guess I best get ready then….. Have a great day! View the stream:

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