We went to Florida in the USA last month for two weeks for some fun in the sun. Before departing I approached A & J Lawrence (my local Garage) about doing some small but to me important repairs to the mini. The two main things I wanted doing to the min were

  • Repair the door retaining bar, it has come away enabling the door to open too far causing a dent on the drivers door.
  • Repair the dent in the door.
  • Paint the edge of the door were the body of the car has been contacting the door.

I also asked that they look at my trailer and give me a quote to carry out some minor welding and respray it so the trailer looks like the mini itself.

They actually had both for over three weeks, they did none of the work, nothing, and still I do not have the quote. So I decided to sell the trailer as this is the third time a company has let me down and in the end I have had enough.

I also wrote an email to them a week ago expressing my dissatisfaction of the situation, no reply, nothing since I sent the email.

All you hear these days is how there is little money about, how hard businesses are finding it in the current market. Yet these companies are unable to act upon work and losing customers, the customer service in most companies is poor and then the work when it is done is not to a very high standard. It really is disappointing and very frustrating.

I think I will now seek another garage and take my business elsewhere, they obviously do not want it?

2 thoughts on “Annoying

  1. Similar to a lot of companies now, take your money and couldn’t care less. Or piss you about not bothering with you. Some companies don’t deserve to be in business. Pet hate of mine and soap box rant over. I was looking forward to seeing the trailer matching your mini.

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