Damaged door and the trailer

A gust of wind

As everyone may know, I drove to Blackpool on Friday the drive was about 6 hours and really enjoyable. Sadly at one point I pulled into a lay by on the A34 and the door was forced to open by the draft caused by a passing large truck.

Damaged drivers door – not a great picture.

As you can see on the picture, the door was forced to fully open and ripped the door stop off the frame. Paint on the door has been scratched off also. I am seeking a quote on getting it repaired, but this could be an insurance claim?


Sadly the trailer has been sold, today the new owner collected it and took her home. All the plans I had for it have been lost, but I will get another at some point and try again. British industry needs to wake up and stop letting it’s potential clients down, they lost a fair amount of money.

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