I have not been online for a considerable amount of time for many reasons, some of which I am going to tell you in this post. Sometimes the actions that others take are mind blowing, and to think their actions could have such a detrimental effect on someone else’s life too.

I drove the mini to Blackpool from Portmouth about 6 weeks ago and at some stage of this long drive I took a rest in one of the many lay-bys to have the subway lunch I had purchased prior to my departure.


Not the best picture but you can just make out the crease in the skin.

I had to get out of the car as nature was calling, opened the door and as luck would have it this huge monster of a truck past me by. The wind it cause force the door out of my hand and threw the door violently forward toward the front. the force caused the door retaining catch to snap off the door chassis, the door skin buckled under the force of the impact and the door lock barrel flew out.

The paint that runs down the edge of the door has been scratched away, so the door has had a new skin put on, is being re-sprayed and then the locks have to be changed. all that is not an issue, it is the amount of time sh has been in the garage having all this work done, now three / four weeks! #IWantMyMiniBack

We have been touring, using the BMW Mini is never as good but at least we are getting around still. The picture at the top is the Bath Cathedral. Such a stunning building, sadly we did not get to look inside as time prevented that, but with so much activity going on around the area it is on the ‘must return list’.


Bath Cathedral

Near by the Cathedral is the Roman Baths, the queue to look inside was was long so I decided to give them a wide birth. But our American friends and my daughter went in, so maybe we should have done so, they said it was stunning inside and the wait was worth it. So again, it is another reason to return.


The Roman Baths

We also took Fermin (pictured below) to Stonehenge. You will of seen our previous trip(s) to this amazing landmark in the past, but it was something they wanted to see. You can just imagine the struggle these people had dragging these rocks from Wales to Wiltshire had, always amazes me.



Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the United Kingdom.


The Mini in front of Chichester Cathedral

We also visited Chichester Cathedral, it was actually our first call with Jane and Fermin, it was the only drive with the Mini. Why, when there the exhaust fell off, another of the many reasons why it is currently in the garage, I will leave that subject there for now.


Chichester Cathedral


Chichester Cathedral

So now I just await the completion date of the Mini, we can then resume our normal touring lifestyle. We are joining the regiment in celebrating Ramnuggar this weekend so I would not be able to drive it just yet anyway.

Safe driving everyone 🙂

3 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Indeed, I thought I was going to lose my hand. Very windy day with very large trucks screaming down the road.

    I forgot to mention being struck from behind in my blue mini. The car has had £4000-00 worth of damage, it was nearly written off. Some idiot on his mobile phone.


  2. The knee, sorry I forgot that! I have to go back in for further surgery. They want to do a total knee replacement something I am really trying to avoid. I’m having an arthroscopy again with knee filing and some muscle work etc first see if that helps. No doubt Ill be post that when it is all done in a few weeks time. Thank you for asking!


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