Insurance Companies – RIP OFF

Sometime in November 2016 I had a small incident in my Classic Mini where a large truck drove past blowing the door of my mini open causing the door to bend and snapping the door retaining catch. I decided that as the damage was over £1000- I would have the work done to my car via the insurance.

I contacted my Broker Barry Grainger Insurance Limited and discussed the claim which the forwarded on to Highway Insurance, the actual insurance company. I was informed that my excess was going to be £300- and that I could have the car taken to their insurance company or to my own garage, I chose to have my repaired by A&J Lawrence, they are a garage in Portsmouth that have done the majority of the work to the car.


Clearly stated is TOTAL EXCESS = £300- which is what was told to me at the point of sale. Driver Excess below is NOT added to the TOTAL Excess? Am I wrong? Misleading or not? You decided!

I called in last week to check on the progress of the repairs asking when I could have the car back, turns out it was a good job I called in as they were having problems locating new locks for the car (the drivers one fell out during the incident). I sourced the locks via It was at this point however that all the problems started with my insurance policy. I was told by A&J that the excess was £400- and that I would have to pay that on completion of the work being undertaken, I knew that, but where did this £400- suddenly come from?

I phoned the Broker, BG Insurance who agreed with me the sum should be £300- and they would investigate. They called me back a couple of days later saying no it was £400- but they could not explain where the £100- extra had come from in fact they were puzzled. I phoned the insurance company direct and asked them to tell me what my excess is, she looked and said £300- at first but later changed it to £400- again unable to explain the rise. She said she agreed with me that the policy stated £300 but on her screen it was saying £400-? So she said she would contact the underwriters.


So look at the policy above and tell me where you all see the £200 Compulsory Excess?

On the 9th November I got a letter from a Robert Hill of Highway Insurance telling me that actually the excess was £500-. (I will try and add this paperwork to the page) with some crappy explanation that does not make any sense. So I returned to BG Insurance and they were totally baffled and said again they would return to Highway and get their explanation. Like lap dogs they agreed but again could not explain not did they understand their explanation. But she said that because of my AGE they had raised the insurance excess. I explained that was illegal (as far as I know), ageism and it should be showing on the policy, it doesn’t.

Again today I have returned to the Highway Insurance company asking them to explain this sudden rise, the stated that although the policy does state TOTAL EXCESS £300 underneath it sates additional excess £200-. I said two things

➢ You cannot state TOTAL excess £300 and then say we have added more to the TOTAL. Your policy is misleading, you have told me it is £300 at the point of sale and then add extra on. I was told yes they can???

➢ The additional bit she quoted on my policy say £100 (for some drivers) but that does not appear in the line above TOTAL? it also does NOT state £200

➢ On the Compulsory section of my policy above the TOTAL line it states £0 (has nothing written.) So they are now returning to my broker.

This has really stressed me out as it has gone on for so damn long, they clearly have no idea what they are doing. I have shown the paperwork to many that live around me and all agree that in their opinion the policy clearly states £300 so I am not alone.

I feel the Ombudsman calling!! The case continues.

Ill try and add pictures below

2 thoughts on “Insurance Companies – RIP OFF

  1. Not good. Let me try and help you. The term you need to use is “treating customers fairly” during a complaint you want to make. That’s the big buzz “terminology” at the moment in the insurance industry, it doesn’t look as though it’s “fair” to me as they have hidden the compulsory excess. ALL wording needs to be in plain clear English, again looks like it has been hidden behind insurance “jargon” and not made clear on the documentation. Complain what have you to loose? 😉


  2. Thank you, the complaint has gone in and I have told them that should they not be ‘fair’ I will be going to the ombudsman, not sure that threat worries people or companies these days?


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