Is it? Will they??

Well I thought it only fair that I update you on the progress of the mini, after all credit where credit is due, O wait there is NO credit.

I am somewhat baffled by what A&J Lawrence are doing with the mini! The car has now been with them some 6 weeks and still it has not been completed, and still they are working on the car!

To say I am getting annoyed is somewhat of an understatement. I went in on Saturday and had a right go at those still in the office at the time, the result of that ‘conversation’ was a call today telling me they hope to have it finished this week, yehaaaa.

Am I wrong to be annoyed? Am I wrong to have a go?

I also got an email telling my my excess is £300- so maybe that concludes the whole sorry saga. I will NOT be going back to A&J with ANY of my cars and I will NOT be returning to ENTERPRISE CAR INSURANCE!!

Customer service in this country is defiantly going down the pan and really needs working on!!

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