Well I don’t know if you can tell, but the car was returned to me yesterday and straight away it stood out. The drivers door is a different shade of red, well I and many others think so.

I have to give the owner of A&J Lawrence credit he want the car sorted even though those that have seen the car at A&J think it is the same? I have had a second opinion, neutral party, look at the car and he too thinks the colour is different?


Do you see a difference?

Most annoyingly it was explained to me as lacquer? Apparently the lacquer make the door look different, well surely when you do a repair you blend it in so there doesn’t appear to be a difference?  The mini has always been done in the past by C&S Coachworks near Bordon and it has never looked any different, I just do not understand.

Well it is to be returned to them tomorrow to be sorted thankfully. We will see where this goes.

Some of the Facebook comments (I can not be that wrong):

Peter Farrell Car in distance, a better colour match, than your drivers door to the rest of your car ? That is a lousy job, give the insurance company, not the broker some stick!
John Wareham Repaired at Bodgit and Scarper aka The Kerbside Motor Co.
Paul W. Baker I've complained now waiting for them to respond and redo hopefully. Just means it will be gone again but hopefully NOT for 8 friggin weeks.
Peter Farrell Sent it to my lad, at a proper garage, waiting for him to come back!
Samuel Harrison dif shades of red m8
Neil Marshall Bloody mobile, I can't even see the sea, let alone the tide, is that a new door Paul, pity you couldn't get one to match
Chris Billington One is an old banger and the other a Renault??
Stephen Laurie Must be colour blind, I agree with John!
Ron Ruttle Yes you can see it.cant believe they do work like that

One thought on “DIFFERENT COLOUR??

  1. Not sure that “like” is correct in this instance. They are different colours. The body shop have just sprayed the colour code of the car. They haven’t taken into account any sun fade. A good paint shop will blow the door and then blend the colours together so you don’t see it. Lacquers can change a colour, but there again they know that and should have taken that into consideration. Crap job. Simple fact is the insurance company are to reinstate you back to where you were. Previously the car matche. Now it don’t that is not acceptable. Give them a chance to put it right, if they fail, advise them that you will take it the previous body shop and then send them the bill. These companies do it on the cheap as the insurance company hold a tight leash on costs. Complain.


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