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May I share something with you all.

I took my Mini last week to A&J Lawrence as I have on many occasions to be serviced, the service was ‘done’ but after collecting the car it was backfiring, stuttering and generally felt unwell.

It struggled to accelerate, climb hills even rattled from the rear and for the life of me I could not figure out what it was. It just was not good.

I returned the car to them to be told ‘they could not do the work that I needed doing’!! (Good garage). The stuff they said they had done like the strips that run down the edges were hanging off.

So I took the car to AQUA GARAGE SERVICES (AGS) in Southsea (110 Eastney Road, Portsmouth. PO4 9HZ). They were excellent, and the car now purrs. So when they completed the service they told me that the air filter was filthy (I have this in the car to show A&J tomorrow) something the A&J Invoice states was changed by them last week.

air filer

The spark Plugs and points needed to be replaced as they were totally worn out – surely this should have been completed during the service by A&J Lawrence? The dizzy cap needed replacing – there is a theme going on here, do I have to say it again? Ignition timing was out, the exhaust pipe at the rear section was blowing and needed to be welded – again not picked up, even though I mentioned the backfiring, well that is why I returned it. How did it pass the MOT if there was a hole in the exhaust?

I know this is not a service task but the tappets needed adjusting too, I hadn’t noticed. They called me during the day and explained the problem and I said please do what needs doing. Now I ask why A&J could not do the same?


When I took the car in for the service to A&J Lawrence I mentioned that the car was pulling to the left, and asked that they investigate and try and correct the issue. After the service when I returned to pick the car up they said the steering rack was worn and needed replacing. I got it looked at today because it just did not sound right to me, the reason why the car was pulling was that the tracking was out. The steering rack is just fine, and now the car no longer pulls to the left. Are they just trying to make money here with falls work?

I am visiting A&J Lawrence tomorrow to complain, I have been using them for years and this is how they treat me.  I have been thinking about approaching trading standards too, but how do you prove it? This is an issue, we should be able to trust these people but do we really know? In good faith I paid them nearly £300- for work to be done which to me was not! I paid nearly the same amount today to have it done properly. I am so angry, I guess I will now be going elsewhere in the future.


3 thoughts on “British Business / Customer Care

  1. Went and complained today and was given a £65-00 refund, not really enough in my opinion but it was enough for me that they admitted guilt and took measures to settle the mater. I will not be taking my Mini (or any other car) there again, it is simply not good enough.

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