Being ripped off – eBay

It happens too often does it not?

So I purchased a roof rack on eBay for the Mini and it was supposed to be here by the 12th May 2016, nothing. I contacted the seller asking where it was, has he posted it, no reply. It is so frustrating.

So I raised a case with eBay stating that I had paid £50 for the post and roof rack but the item had failed to arrive. I then made a mistake on eBay cancelling the case in error. So I had to phone them to have the case raised once again, they can not do that!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 13.56.23

Consider yourself named and shamed CUTTSCUSTOMS.EST1993 Be aware eBayers

The fact that I made an error is irrelevant, the cancellation can not be reversed. I was advised to call PayPal who I used to pay for the item in fact they transferred me through to them. I was on the phone waiting for 3 hours to the most awful music and I just had to give up. 3 Hours in anybodies book is poor service right?


My offer of £40 was accepted

So I am on the phone again right now and again no answer, the music is different but still painful to listen to. Why can I not do this online? Why do I have to wait for the one sad soul on duty to answer my call? It is simply really poor service.

Im still awaiting pickup from PayPal – another 30 minutes of my life I will not get back.

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