Hawk on a Walk

A friend of mine who also served in the 14th/20th King’s Hussars spent the past 5 days walking from Preston in Lancashire (UK) to Winchester in Hampshire (UK) a distance of 240 miles.


20 miles to go point and still going strong.

All this effort was to raise money for the Welfare Funds of the King’s Royal Hussars who are currently based in Tidworth Hampshire. I only joined him on his final day, and I was of course sitting comfortably in the mini the whole time cheering him on with my iPhone doing live broadcasts through Facebook or camera taking some pictures to share on pages like this and on Facebook.


Bryan heading towards Winchester in Hampshire, UK.

I want to do this in the hope that I can get some of my ‘followers’ on this page to donate and congratulate Bryan on his achievement of the past week.


HRH Prince Michael of Kent talking to Bryan Lythgoe

Nearing his 60th Birthday he managed to walk at between 4 and 5 mph the whole way, having to be slowed down at times by others who were looking after him. The walk took him through the madness of Birmingham, something I doubt he will forget too quickly, “Never again” were his words to me.


The Mayor of Winchester talking to Bryan

He arrived at Peninsular Barracks in Winchester at 1pm 25 May 2016 and was welcomed and congratulated by HRH Prince Michael of Kent, General Richard Shirreff and the Mayor of Winchester amongst other dignitaries.


General Richard Shirreff and Bryan Lythgoe (The teddy was sent to Bryan during the first gulf war by his children. The teddy was placed in his tank throughout the campaign and accompanied him throughout the walk).

If you are able and of course willing to donate towards the Sponsorship of Bryans magnificent efforts of the past few day please follow this link: CLICK HERE

Thank you!!

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