Driving School Closure

I have been mulling over wether I should write about this or not, but as I have nothing to fear I thought I would share something that has really gripped me and caused me to close my driving school.

So I was asked by a company called IQED to take one of their customers out driver training as she had been involved in an accident and was suffering from anxiety issues whilst on the motorway, where she was bashed in to.

I met the lady (no names) who was really pleasant and we originally planned to do an hour, but as my next customer cancelled during the lesson we extended the lesson to two hours, and she did great. No motorway driving at this point, we took it slowly.

about a week or so later we did another two hours, we discussed the lesson and progressed onto Dual Carriageways, just to see how she was, and you could clearly see her issues, we carried on and by the end she was doing really well. We had a quick debrief and planned our next lesson.

During the second lesson she praised my tuition and stated that her partner had noticed her improvement, how confident she was getting. We both agreed that was good news.

She text me and planned another two hours, great, we had planned to meet at 5pm but on the day she text to change the time to 4pm If it was convenient. I said it would be fine, rushed around, got the car ready and read my notes so I knew exactly where I was in regard to training.

About an hour after that I got a text cancelling the lesson, explanation was that there was a meeting she had to attend, fair enough but it was a little late, I was annoyed but what could I do? I didn’t reply as I was miffed, this happen too often in this job.

Anyway about a week later I get an email explaining that the insurance company had cancelled all her lesson, please send an invoice for final payment. I did that the other day, took me about 3 days to do it but all the same it was done.

Now comes the bad bit, I got an email yesterday telling me they received a complaint from the customer and they considered the complaint so bad they were not going to pay the invoice! Fuming, I got on the phone and asked for an explanation of the complaint.

It was at this point I was told I made a racist comment. No explanation of the comment, nothing but they said that the customer made the complaint and that was that! REALLY

What do I say to that, no right of reply? Is this a SCAM? Have I taken somebody out for them and they then do this again and again? What a total bunch of tossers! How dare they make a claim and think I am just going to sit here and let that go! REALLY!!

This is something that could happen again and again, thank god she didn’t say I touched her, I would be in trouble. I mean how can I have no right of reply?

I have therefore stopped, I have closed my driving school down, I simply do not want to do it no more. I have never been so insulted, too annoyed. Anyway, thank you for reading!!

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