Well at long last I have a new job, no it is not brain surgery but I am truly grateful to those that have given me this opportunity.

It is however incredible that after being given a job so many other invitations start coming in, and I have waited what seems like ages for them. This offer is low paid and zero hours, so I could only end up getting paid a couple of hours a week, so emailing two offers for interviews, that are what I wanted and better paid was hard.

Saying that, like I said already, I am really grateful for the opportunity and I simply can not be disloyal to a new employer.


4 thoughts on “Employment

  1. Hmmm ….well yep I admire principles …but where are the principles of a business that gives its employees 0 hrs contracts?
    My advice would be to make the most of it but use it as a stepping stone …a company like that does not have any sense of loyalty to its employees so don’t feel guilty about looking for something better:)


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