The Referendum

Firstly I am sorry this is going to be a poor post, I am writing it angry and may delete it later, I just felt the need to scream.

I have sort of been avoiding posting my opinions on this matter as I could potentially stir up a few things, but with less than 10 days to go in the most important decision we Brits are about to make I felt the need to voice my thoughts, as politically incorrect as they are.

I have to ask several questions on this

  1. If the EU (European Union) is so good why does the Prime Minister feel the need to lie about something everytime he opens his mouth?
  2. Why can these so called educated men and women NOT sit down and have a normal televised and honest debate about something that they say is so important.
  3. Why has the EU not intervened and started to offer the UK some clauses on Immigration, something that is clearly a huge issue to EVERYONE in the UK.
  4. Why has the EU not started to intervene with facts when they see these buffoons we have treating the UK electorate as fools.

The Prime Minister (Cameron) (or Cam Moron) has weakened his position as PM now he has started to threaten the pensioners in this country, warning them of a reduction in their payments should we leave the EU. Clearly this man is worried about where this vote is going.

The threat of a reduction of £1.5 Billion from the already depleted defence budget. The defence has been getting reduced anyway every year, the fact we now are unable to fill Wembley Stadium with all the soldiers in the British Army is VERY worrying. Depending on the reserves to bulk up the forces has not worked, so now we are weaker than ever.

Threatening us with the collapse of the Strong (some say over priced) pound, meaning less for us to spend.

Threatening us with the mass closure of Industry in this country as all these companies start to pull out of the United Kingdom. REALLY! (Anyone want to swear yet)

Why are the remain camp so against talking about immigration? Why are there so many NONE EU members allowed to enter this country? Why do we have to pay the families of those here benefits when those members are not in this country? Why are we so afraid to say NO or ENOUGH??

Until these so called leaders wake up and grow some balls, start speaking the truth they will never get the support they seek to remain.

For interest, my vote is to LEAVE, VOTE OUT.



5 thoughts on “The Referendum

  1. The next issue I have is the EURO. How can Germany and Greece have the same currency and both are worth exactly the same. Germany is probably the richest nation in Europe and Greece the poorest.

    To stay afloat Greece has to borrow billions and they are able to do at a Zero % interest rate, thats all well and good until that interest rate starts to rise.

    The whole situation is ridiculous and unsustainable, the EURO will eventually collapse and we do not want to be in Europe when it does or we will be asked to help bail it/them out.

    Time to LEAVE is now


  2. who do say incorrect about ur uk n europian contries.they r more advanced than others.ur letin n its daughter languages r rich .we have learnt about arts,sculpture n high leveld litrature from these.

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