Fathers Day

I read a post the other day beautifully written about one of the bloggers father, and I thought I would like to do something about my dad. I’m not on the same page when it comes to writing but you’ll get to know what my dad means to me I hope.

Big Fred

Sergeant Fred Baker of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars

Sadly he died in 2007 and his passing has left a huge gap in my life, he suffered from dementia for a few years it was agony watching his slow demise from this huge and proud man to what he was (i don’t know how to describe that without upsetting myself) prior to what is an awful illness.


The house inside the grounds of Pendennis Castle

He was born in Cornwall, England, I know little of his younger days other than he was brought up in the grounds of Pendennis Castle as his dad was the custodian of the Castle during his childhood. Sadly I never met his dad.

Dad joined the British army in 1952 and the 14th/20th King’s Hussars. He served all around the world including South Africa, Germany, Northern Ireland and Germany. I came along in 1961.

Big Fred 3

Dad in Tripoli

A bond between father and son is (in my opinion) unbreakable. I adored him, hanging on his every word. No matter what I wanted he could never do enough for me (and my 3 siblings). He was the father that all children dream of having.

Dad left the army in 1976 settling in Poole, Dorset he worked for serc’s for a few years and then the Bournemouth International Centre until he retired. I joined same regiment as my dad in 1978.

Big Fred 4

My Brother, dad and me.

Dad started to decline in health in the 80’s, I am not sure when as I was away with the army myself. There were many tell tale signs we recognise now, but then we had no idea. Eventually he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and later a Tumour on the front of the brain some years later.


Pendennis Castle

It was the operation to remove the tumour that brought his life to an end, I was devastated. I still find his absence tough to cope with, but we just have to move on and remember the good times, after all he was my idol, my rock my father.

So I just want to say to my dad if he is reading this – Dad I still think about you every single day, I still talk to you and I will always miss you, I love you more each and every day. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD.

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