Just another problem or two

to overcome!!

Driving back from the carwash the gear shift decided to disconnect itself from the transmission leaving the car stuck in 2nd gear (I think). It has happened before, about 6 weeks ago or so. It was repaired, that time, by A&J Lawrence, again another poor job.

So now I have to get it to the garage, hobbling, limping whatever you want to call it. Rathe now and not when we are in the middle of nowhere as we travel around Wales next month.

I think I mentioned the brakes were replaced last week, the car is now like a washing machine as it wobbles, for an unknown reason, down the round to the tap of the brake pads as they constantly knock against the brake disks. Something not quite right there I am sure you will agree.

Finally the horn, works one minute and not the next. You know it can be rather frustrating owning a classic car, but we all love them or we wouldn’t own them.

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