Spooky Statues

Today we travelled around the A272 stopping off at places that we came across that sparked an interest. After all today was the hottest day of the year so far, about 30C, and in England you have to make the most of these rare occasions.


On route one of the later stops was a place called Cocking and we noticed a sign saying 12th Century Church. I had to do a U turn and then drive around somewhat to find it, but after a little help we gained permission to parked under a DO NOT PARK sign and had a look around the church.



The Church is going to come up on the pages shortly, but whilst we were walking around Andrea noticed these rather eerie statues that were placed in a garden over the fence.



I tried to get as many images as I possibly could, I even contemplated knocking on the door asking if we could go into the garden and have a good look at these wonderful pieces of art. Why they are in the garden I do not know, but it was different and I enjoyed looking down the cameras lens getting the best photographs I could from distance.



The garden was not one single concept which gave us the idea that the owner may be an artist or a collector of these artefacts? So on my return to Portsmouth we started to search and investigate the origins of this magnificent artwork.


The Sentinels

The artist is a Philip Jackson – the address to his website is at the bottom of this page. I bet there are so many more you simply can not see from the fence so far away from those beautifully cut lawns?



We walked the length of the fence and came across the gate to the house that was obviously that of the owners of the garden, we saw a cute little dog pacing around. I was going to ring his bell and ask if it would be possible to enter his premises but I thought it rather inappropriate, I’d be a bit cross had say he asked if he could enter my house and decided against it, better to write and ask I thought!


Japanese Torii Gates

I have sent an email, including a link to this blog, asking if I could be granted access to his gardens so I can get more pictures of these art pieces, it is actually rather exciting.


Just a beautiful garden

We left with pictures of the church and these few images I managed to get. If you enjoy these I would suggest you look at his website, some great art work on there.


A couple of beautiful lovebirds

Thank you for reading, I will keep you posted should I get a reply, have a great weekend.

Visit his website: http://www.philipjacksonsculptures.co.uk/ 

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