Wales – some small troubles


The trip was great, simply great. I had some minor issues which is why I am writing this blog, but before you read the bad stuff, bear in mind it had no downside in regard to enjoying the week.

1: Fuel: you have to remember the classic mini only has a 20Ltr (5Gal) fuel tank, and as good as mine is it does need replenishing occasionally – the fuel stations are miles apart, and when they are available they are always on the right and you can not get to them. At one stage we didn’t see a petrol station for over three hours, that has several issues a) JCantoilet facilities were zero until we came across these most rare places or a tree.

I had a full jerry can in the boot of the car and thankfully we never had to use it, we got close on more than one occasion, so I suppose in reality it wasn’t an issue but I was worried and you have to be aware of what is ahead. On one occasion we saw a sign with fuel, toilet and drinks signs up and when we got there it had closed so we had to keep on going until the next one.

2: Food and drink: This past week has been the hottest for a very long time in the UK and water was/is a must, when you go to these places you must be prepared for the surprises.sign

Thankfully Andrea purchased some snacks with a bag of ice and plenty of water. Just beware if you plan on following my route make sure you go prepared.

3: Mobile Phone – £40 a month for what? I refuse to renew my current contract or have any other contract in this country again. If you travel to places like snowdonia there is no signal or at best the phone will say GPRS or E, but most of the time we simply had nosignothing. My wife is on EE and I am on Vodafone, absolutely rubbish the pair of them. Even in some of the
urbanised zones, hotels, guesthouses on the west coast areas of Wales we had nothing, it really was not good enough.

Like I have said, the trip was one of the best! But if you are going to do the snowdonia route be prepared for the unexpected but enjoy it, it is simply stunning.


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