If I could you know I would

You know if I could I would right? Well I can’t so I have to stop wishing, if only occasionally.

So at some stupid hour of the day we are setting off to Gatwick to catch a flight to the sun and Crete (Greece) and those high temperatures I love and we all (well most of us) crave for. The website is all about the mini touring around the UK and Europe (not yet) so you’ve guessed it, I am not taking Bess (the Mini) with me, sadly. I may try and hire a substitute whilst we are out there, but that is unlikely to happen.


With me will be my wife and step daughter, we are really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, whilst I relax in the sun by the sea or pool Bess is undergoing some work – fit new exhaust, fix the horn and repair the drivers window being the main issues though plenty of others jobs I have wanted done are being done also.

I will of course be adding some pictures and a write up of our week long trip in the sun (though would you believe it the United Kingdom is baking hot right now) even though Bess will be relaxing in Southsea, England with the car doctor.

Wishing you all ‘Happy Holidays’ and see you on the other side 🙂

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