Our summer holiday on he beautiful island of Crete is sadly drawing to a close. We have climbed a mountain to get to an ancient fortress, swam in a blue lagoon and driven many miles around the island to try and see as much of it as we possibly can in the week that we have spent here.

At the top looking down the mountain. Amazing views.

To say the weather has been glorious is no lie, you could count the amount of clouds we have seen on one hand and I do not recall them ever covering the sun. We have stayed at a hotel called the Camari Garden in a place called Gerani on Crete. It is run by a family who must be the most helpful hosts we have ever stayed with, they simply can not do enough for you.

A shipwreck off the island

Yes, I personally have found a couple of things irritating (Chairs in the bar area above our room being moved around at 2am, the dependency on this hotel for meals due to the locality of the hotel) but to be fair the probably do not know anything about them.

Buses leave from either out front of the hotel itself or now more than a 10 minute walk down some rather precarious roads.

The Waterpark flag

We used them to visit the Water Park which took about two and half hours to get to spending about 6 hours there before the bus returned. Plenty to do for the kids and adults if that is what you like doing? To buy drinks or food you are given a wrist band which is scanned as you depart, you pay the entire bill of your party as you leave the Water Park.

Emily on one of the waterslides in the Park

Many of the guests choose to remain in the hotel for the entirety of their holiday, with so many things to do in the island I personally find that rather boring, but that is their choice like I said the staff here are excellent and can’t do enough for you. 

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