All change at the rear

The heater element in the rear window failed after some fool decided to snap them. So at some expense I have purchased a new window and paid to have it installed. Total cost was about £140.00. I just hope the window does demise when switched on??


The issue I had today was do you or don’t you use the sealant that they squirt between the seal and the metal of the car? You may remember the water coming into the car after the wi1bndscreen was replaced a couple of years ago? Well that happened once again about 3 weeks ago, so the windscreen was once again removed and replaced, they used tons of the sealant this time to ensure there is no further ingress of water.
The installation engineer however told me it is not required? I explained to him the issues I have had and the cost to Autoglass who did not use it and asked that he does squirt it in in mass to prevent any further damage to the car. Reluctantly he has, or he told me he has.

I just hope that is it, done, no more water and a heated window at the back so I can see what is behind me at all times.



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