Work is underway

Poor old Bess, I see the work done on her is like me being at the dentist, and I hate to think of her in that god awful chair. But like us, when we fall poorly we have to have these ‘repairs’ carried out to prolong life and prevent the hurting from spreading.


A Panel replacement

Chris has sent me three pictures today, one shows the new A panel on the left side in place but i am not too sure what the others are? It looks like where the sub-frame would sit normally, but I am guessing.


No idea where this is, looks a little tired.


Again I have no idea what this is showing, hopefully I will be informed and I will update the page.

Reply regarding the photographs: Lots more corrosion which is the area behind the sub frame, boot floor is all cut out but can’t do any more until the rest of the parts arrive the other pictures are areas either side of areas that had been repaired in the past


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