Mini Ritz

In 2014 I went to one of the many Mini shows that was on the years calendar, at the show there was a raffle as there always is, £1 a ticket and people were buying them in their hundreds.

I was walking around the stalls and whenever I had a 1 pound coin in my pocket I would buy a ticket for the draw, I had a massive total of 6 when it came to the draw.


I was going to leave early as there are only so many times you can look at component parts for a mini, even I get bored after a while. But I had this feeling, I kept telling people buying tickets not to bother as it had my name on it, I just had that feeling. You had to be there to collect the prize, if they called your number and you had left they’d draw another one, rather unfair but it keep people at the event I suppose?

The lady at the booth just kept asking can I tempt you to another one as I passed her, I’d check my pockets and if I had a pound I’d hand it over in exchange for another ticket.

The draw came at 4pm I think, and people were holding hundreds of tickets in their attempt to win, there I was with my total of 6. I recall her saying YELLOW ticket over the tannoy (all mine were yellow). Number 4 (yep I have two with 4** ………………., 3 (yep I have 43*)……………………. 1 YES I have number Yellow 431 I said. The ticket was checked and I had won a Silver Mini Ritz.


The prize came with Tax MOT and Insurance, well somethings you just do not get. I had to write to the BMC (British Mini Club) who sent a cheque for their part but those that offered the free insurance wangled their way out of it and I had to buy it myself. Well they got their publicity for free and didn’t have to pay a penny! Left a bit of a sour taste, but hey I won a friggin Mini 🙂


I then phoned my wife who just didn’t believe a word! I had to get the lady who signed over the car to tell her in the end. Problem was I couldn’t drive it home on that day as I was on my own, so we arranged to collect it later that week.


I organised the insurance on the phone as we drove to pick it up, when we got there we had to get into the hanger where she was stored and bingo, we drove her home 🙂

We kept her for about 8 weeks or so, but already owners of three cars, one a classic Mini, we just couldn’t justify the money spent on another cars insurance, tax and all the servicing. We were also going on holiday to Florida so we asked my daughter if she’d like to come along too. When she said yes we sold the Mini Ritz for £3000 I think and used that money for my daughters flights and some spending money.

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