The Alligator

My favourite beast, such a beautiful creature and so cunning. Whilst in Florida one of my favourite past times is to go out on the airboats around the swamplands where these beauties hide from the tourist and evade the heat of the sunshine state.


We tend to use the Lone Cabbage for our airboat rides, we have for our last couple of trips. The others rides tend to be too short, though these are not exactly long either. The other issue is seeing the Alligators, they tend to submerse as it gets hotter, and who can blame them!


When you do see them you have to be quick in getting your pictures, although they look lazy they do not like to be seen and quickly run into the water and once again submerse themselves.


One (or more – I don’t know now) of these pictures (above) was taken at Gatorland, Florida. What a tremendous place! The Gators seem to enjoy being photographed and the staff would have you believe they have this ability to ‘tame’ the beast, believe that at your peril! Still, the staff are friendly and Gatorland is filled to the brim with these majestic, beautiful animals.


The restaurant at Lone Cabbage enables you to eat some gator (with Fries) and I have to say it is really good (is there anything we as a race will not eat?). Live music and some real friendly conversation with the locals. You can even have your picture taken like you are wrestling one, rather cruel in my opinion, but I have to admit in doing it the once, I will not do it again (promise).


So if you are planning on a trip to the Sunshine State I hope I have helped you plan your next trip? I can not wait to do it all again this year in August!

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