Customer Service (UK Style)

Today I asked C&S Coachworks, who recently resprayed the Mini at £4000.00, to supply the code for the paint colour used to paint my car for the garage currently repairing the Mini after my little accident. The reply I got back was as follows:

Your car had several colour shades inside and out so we took the boot lid to automotive paint supplies who scanned it with the spectrometer. They then mixed it to that reading, this is not something new we’ve been doing that for ten plus years. Nearly all of the paint manufacture’s offer this service.

My answer is I have no idea BUT having paid them £4000 pounds recently to spray the complete car you would think that have a code or something they could give to assist in the respray.

It would seem that they are NOT going to help or supply anything to help me get a good match.

I have removed the link to their services.

Absolutely shocking. #NOTGOINGBACKTHERE

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